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Non-writing hobbies

Help Writers In The Storm Become a “Top Blog for Writers!”

Jenny Hansen here, popping in to share some topics we’ve been buzzing about behind the scenes at Writers In The Storm. First of all, this is our 500th post. That is so unbelievable to me. Four years ago, when we started this … Continue reading

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The Two Sentence Horror Story Challenge!

I don’t remember where I first found reference to this writers challenge, but I was intrigued. Writing a horror story in two sentences? How could someone DO that? Well, it’s not only possible, the results are amazing! Go read these … Continue reading

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Who Inherits Your Copyrights?

Susan Spann returns to Writers in the Storm with a new series to help you think about planning for the long-range future of your estate. In this series she’ll give us practical, easy-to-follow suggestions about protecting your intellectual property. by … Continue reading

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A Cauldron of Spooky Words for Your Halloween

By Sharla Rae You gotta love Halloween. After all, it’s why I’m giving you my Spooky Word List this month. The truth is, writers enjoy Halloween every time they write. It’s the fun part of our jobs. We don the … Continue reading

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Author Charlotte Carter Is Jamming On Labor Day

Today Writers In The Storm welcomes Charlotte Carter! Since it’s Labor Day weekend she’s keeping things relaxed, easy and ever so sweet by sharing her wonderful spiced nectarine recipe. Charlotte is a multi-published author of more than fifty romance, cozy mystery and inspirational … Continue reading

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Other Obsessions

By Laura Drake If you’ve followed our blogs here at WITS very long, you’ve seen that there’s a lot more to us than the stories we write. We all have other interests; Sharla has her dolls, Fae has cats and … Continue reading

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The Vibrational Energy of Crystals ~ for You and Your Characters

by Fae Rowen When I was a child, a trip to my grandmother’s meant the opportunity to play with the dangling things on her lamp. On a sunny day, I could swing the prisms and watch little rainbows bounce around … Continue reading

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When Hobbies Creep Into Your Writing Life

by Fae Rowen Okay, Jenny Hansen is blog mistress this month, which means that things get a little wild sometimes here at WITS. I have to admit that I freaked out when I saw my next blog assignment: Tarot and … Continue reading

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Dubai – and a Writing Lesson

by Fae Rowen Okay, I never wrote about that Middle East trip to Dubai, Egypt, and Jordan. There were reasons, okay? Today, I’m prepared to tell you about my four days and three nights in Dubai.  On my own.  Well, … Continue reading

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Throwdown Part 2: Write What You Don’t Know

by Fae Rowen When Laura Drake originally suggested this topic months ago  I knew I would be on the “don’t know” end of the throwdown.  Everyone else at Writers in the Storm writes about what they know.  With Sharla Rae’s … Continue reading

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