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4 Tips for the Care and Feeding of Dead Blogs

by Sierra Godfrey Remember when you started your blog? Maybe you were an unpublished writer and fellow unpublished writers followed your trials with you, cheered you when you got an agent and a book contract, and then became readers. Maybe … Continue reading

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5 Steps Toward Your Truest Contribution

By Kathryn Craft Turning Whine Into Gold The lament of the modern author, whose writing must now compete for purchase with every other book, from classics like the Iliad to the newest self-published odyssey, all of which will now be … Continue reading

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When You’re Stuck, Relax

by Orly Konig-Lopez Last week my husband convinced me to go on a bike ride with him. My road bike has been in the basement on a trainer for well over a year. To say I was a bit nervous … Continue reading

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Performing Your Book

By Barbara Claypole White Before the launch of my debut novel, THE UNFINISHED GARDEN, I lost 5lbs to performance terror. Painfully shy as a teenager, my mother and music teacher once had to conspire to sneak Valium backstage so I … Continue reading

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How Writing a Picture Book Can Help with Writing a Novel

by Orly Konig-Lopez Last month Sharla Rae wrote about switching genres. She’s a historical romance writer and has decided to take the leap into a futuristic. The common thread between the two genres that gave her the courage to try: … Continue reading

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How To Negotiate a Writing Life in 10 Easy Steps

by Susan Squires Whether you’re just starting out or under contract, being productive isn’t easy. There isn’t enough time. Or enough space. Or enough quiet. Or enough organized thinking. There isn’t enough something, always. How many times have you heard … Continue reading

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Three Boxes to Avoid for the Holidays

by Fae Rowen It’s the morning after Thanksgiving  and the ugly truth can’t be ignored. It’s “The Holidays” and with that, it’s the end of another year. Even in my gluttonous post-turkey and pecan (my mom’s from Texas!) pie stupor, … Continue reading

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Turning Whine into Gold: The Writer’s Spirit is Forged in the Fire

by Kathryn Craft Last week I had to un-friend someone on Facebook for violating my right to pursue happiness. I can only assume he’s had enough of reading about the growing excitement for my debut novel, coming out in two … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Make Goodreads Work For You

By Lisa Verge Higgins Goodreads – with its 18 million rabid readers – is one of the most powerful places for an author to be discovered. Goodreads is where folks converge to discuss novels, offer recommendations, write reviews, and keep compilations … Continue reading

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It’s Party Time, Facebook Style! Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Virtual Launch Party

By Melissa Cutler I’m so excited to be on Writers in the Storm today talking about Facebook book launch parties. I’ve thrown three virtual launch parties and participated in many more, and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned from … Continue reading

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