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6 Reasons to Write a Short Story

Happy Friday to all our friends here at WITS! We’re doing some extra special posts this week as an advance thank you for helping us migrate to our new site next week. All will be unveiled on Monday! Today our … Continue reading

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Do You Know How To Edit AND Proofread Your Story?

by Jenny Hansen, @JennyHansenCA Editing and Proofreading: Two separate processes that equal one great story. Like most writers, I hang out with a boatload of other writers. Still, I never saw much of other peoples’ works in progress until I coordinated … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Effective Author Marketing: Small is the New Big

by Lynda Bouchard

What can an author learn from a pair of Spanx? A lot.

I was in a mall last week with my aunt and, as we walked through the pantyhose department, I noticed that one brand stood out. Spanx.

How Spanx got noticed and the unique marketing of this product is a brilliant lesson for all authors. Small is the new big. Continue reading

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Nonfiction Submission Tips — Agents Speak

by Chuck Sambuchino Getting a nonfiction book published is a completely different beast than querying for a novel. It involves things like a marketing plan, comparative title analysis, book proposals, professional credentials, and more. To help with this complicated submission … Continue reading

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Advanced Craft Tips – Writer Strong

By Laura Drake As I get better at craft, I’m beginning to catch the nuances of good writing; things beyond the basics of POV, show don’t tell, etc. They’re more subtle and harder to spot, but I believe they can … Continue reading

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A Bow To Our Readers: Share Your Writing!

By Laura Drake We love seeing what our readers are up to – so here’s your chance!  This month, I’m thinking about middles, since I’m near the middle of my WIP, and worrying about sagging (and for once, it’s not … Continue reading

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WriterStrong: Keep Them Up All Night

First a quick congratulations to the winners of the two most recent giveaways: Deb Kastner and cwolffe both won a copy of Laura Drake’s debut release;  Karen Duvall will be taking a Margie Lawson class! Now, please give a warm … Continue reading

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WriterStrong – Getting Fresh Emotion on the Page

Sometimes the most powerful description does not mention the emotion itself. The author trusts that the reader will get it. It’s like a scary movie; your mind conjures scarier things than the cameraman could ever show you. Try this in a black moment, or a key turning-point scene. It’s subtle, and can be powerful. Continue reading

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WriterStrong: Adding Humor to Your Writing

Writers in the Storm welcomes back James R. Preston with tips on how–and when–to add humor to your WIP, no matter the genre. Here he is with a fun-filled Laugh?  I Thought I’d Die WriterStrong post. by James R. Preston … Continue reading

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WriterStrong: Why Is Your Hosting Company Integral To the Success of Your Website or Blog?

Last Fall we started the WriterStrong series to delve deeply into the strengths writers must have for strong careers. Social media and internet savvy is part of the job requirement for today’s authors.  Today’s post gets to the nitty-gritty on one important … Continue reading

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