Our Writers

Founding Writers:

Laura Drake – Romance, Women’s Fiction
Jenny Hansen – Women’s Fiction, Memoir, Blog, Short Stories
Sharla Rae – Historical Romance
Fae Rowen – Science Fiction, Futuristic Romance

Newest Addition:

Orly Konig-Lopez– Women’s Fiction

Contributing Writers:

Shannon Donnelly – Regency Romance
Susan Spann – Publishing Attorney, Mystery Writer
Margie Lawson – Writing teacher extraordinaire
Chuck Sambuchino – Author, freelance editor, editor for Writer’s Digest Books
Penny Sansevieri – Author Marketing expert, author

We also have authors who write thrillers, inspirational, cozy mysteries and a ghostwriter who does a bit of everything. For more about our authors, see our Author Bio  category.

Writers In The Storm is growing so stay tuned…


12 Responses to Our Writers

  1. Dee Monaco says:

    GReat site. Loved Hoshi’s story and especailly identify with thr LEMON TREE right now. Keep writing.

  2. Sandy Brown says:

    Hey, Shar and all of the writers here. Love the site and the name! Beautiful work!

  3. Ron H says:

    Every time I drop by, I’m engrossed by the illustration in your header. Did one of you shoot that picture?

  4. Miles Thomas says:


    I’ve bookmarked Writers In the Storm; I love it! There’s enough great content here to keep me busy for quite some time. My name is Miles Thomas, and I’ve just started a blog, Fiction Writers’ Boast, that I think might interest you. The primary function of the site is to allow other authors to post short excerpts (a page or less) of their work, and then discuss and/or promote the piece as they please. Among other things, I’m also doing write-ups involving other authors and blogs that I discover and enjoy.

    My site is brand new, but the content is high quality, and the writing has an edge that I believe will make it popular. I was wondering if any of you might like to share/contribute an excerpt (a page or less) from one of your novels, along with any accompanying information/links on the work.

    As a new blogholder, my goal in contacting you is to build friendships in the blogging community, promote both our works and sites, and do a little writing in the process. I’ve asked two other authors to contribute as well. Thanks in advance for considering my idea.


  5. I saw your article on building a writing team, but it seemed geared more towards ficiton and publishing. I am looking to build a network of contributors for a blog I have and for the blog of my business. Do you have any recommendations on this?

  6. Barbara Rath says:

    You are providing a terrific service to aspiring writers. Thank you. I have mentioned your website in my Twitter Author’s column and thought you should know. Please let me know if you have any concerns or wish the reference to be removed. You will find it at http://barbararath.com/2014/03/08/reading-round-up-march-2014/.

  7. Melissa says:

    My daughter is seventeen and told me she wrote a teen book. Apparently she has started her second one and a friend of hers is helping to edit it and told her she should publish it. She won’t let me read it. What should she do to try to get her work published. She said it’s not that she wanted to write this. She said she had to write it. She spent all summer writing this book. Any advice for her? She’s nervous so she wanted me to ask the questions.

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