Writing Contests — Hell or Heaven?

by Fae Rowen


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I don’t usually enter contests, but I decided to go all out this year.

During the past two months I’ve redefined my understanding of the experience from both the judging and entrant viewpoints. I hope this post will help you consider whether entering contests is in your best interest at this point in your career. Next month I’ll share perspectives of a judge.

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~ Fae

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6 Responses to Writing Contests — Hell or Heaven?

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    For all of you thinking of entering a writing contest.

  2. Chris Cannon says:

    I had similar experiences when I entered contests. I write YA, and one judge scored me in the 60’s because “characters under eighteen are not allowed to kiss because it is considered pedophelia.” I don’t think she knew what the letters YA stood for.

  3. Ahem. I may have to revise my earlier statement that contests are hell because . . . I just got a phone call that I’m a finalist in the YARWA contest. (Young Adult chapter of RWA). The rewards are high when you do luck out!

  4. Great post! Just found your site – lots of great input! Thanks!

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