Enter the 2014 “Worst Storyline Ever” Contest!

The contest starts today over at our new site today and is put on by Chuck Sambuchino of Writer’s Digest.

Why is he having the contest? We’ll let him tell you:

To celebrate the release of the brand-new 2015 Guide to Literary Agents, I am bringing back one of my most popular recurring contests: The “Worst Storyline Ever” Contest. Except this time, it’s hosted on the Writers in the Storm blog. So if you’re looking for an agent and want a big database, check out the book. And if you’ve got a horrible idea for a story, I want to hear about it. Welcome to the “Worst Storyline Ever” Contest—a competition that encourages terrible loglines.

What is the prize?

The top 3 winners (no order) receive 1) a critique of either their one-page synopsis or one-page query letter from me; and 2) a copy of either the 2015 Guide to Literary Agents or the 2015 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market.

Come visit us at the new Writers In The Storm to enter (and giggle at all the truly terrible loglines)!

~ Fae, Jenny, Laura and Orly

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  1. K. Murashige says:

    Ninety-two-year-old L. Derley’s life takes a heart-attack-worthy turn when youthful, Russian, and bodacious Lolita Nabokov moves to his neighborhood and promises she’ll make his few remaining days the most thrilling ones of his life.

  2. bobiozzia says:

    A case of mistaken identity causes havoc at Sock Drawer Con as twins separated at birth independently and at cross-purposes attempt to influence the Ms. Sock Drawer contest.

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