Novel Diagnostics: How to Tell if Your Book Might Have Terminal Problems in TEN Pages

By Kristen Lamb

Image via Flickr Creative Commons. Bansky's "Peaceful hearts Doctor" courtesy of Eva Blue.

Image via Flickr Creative Commons. Bansky’s “Peaceful hearts Doctor” courtesy of Eva Blue.

For those of you who have submitted before, ever wonder how an agent can ask for the first 20 pages and still reject your book? Did you ever wonder if the agents really read these pages? How can they know our book isn’t something they want to represent with so little to go on? I mean, if they would just continue to page 103 they would see that the princess uncovers a whole underground movement of garden gnomes with inter dimensional capabilities, and they wouldn’t be able to put it down. Right?


I’ve edited countless manuscripts, and today I am going to let you see the first 20 pages through the eyes of an agent or editor. This is Novel Diagnostics 101.

The doctor is in the house…

*  *  *  *  *  *

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