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Character Eye Descriptions: The Window to Your Story

By Sharla Rae, @SharlaWrites If poets are to be believed, eyes are the windows to the soul. Rather than using clichéd or common descriptions, why not use “explicit” eye descriptions to give your reader a real peek into a character’s psyche? I’ll … Continue reading

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Using A Crowd To Create Tension In Your Story

By Sharla Rae Personally, I dread crowds. They make me feel a bit claustrophobic and oh, the noise! Perhaps this comes from working in my nice quiet office all day; I don’t know. I strive to hit a mall or … Continue reading

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Sharing the Love at Writers In The Storm

We’re excited to announce that Writers In The Storm was named in the 15th Annual Writer’s Digest “101 Top Blogs for Writers” list! And to show our thanks to our amazing guest bloggers and readers, we’re throwing open the comments today for a … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Writing Children and a Descriptive List

By Sharla Rae Writing children into our stories can be both fun and dramatic, especially when using them as foils for our main characters. But if it’s been a few years since you’ve interacted with them personally, it’s easy to … Continue reading

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How is Writing A Futuristic Novel Like Writing A Historical?

By Sharla Rae All writers have things about thAll writers have things about the writing business we fear. One that comes to mind is submitting our work to an agent or editor for the first time. Well maybe the second … Continue reading

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The Two Sentence Horror Story Challenge!

I don’t remember where I first found reference to this writers challenge, but I was intrigued. Writing a horror story in two sentences? How could someone DO that? Well, it’s not only possible, the results are amazing! Go read these … Continue reading

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Writing In Living Color And Two New Lists

By Sharla Rae I’m sharing not one list today, but two. The first one covers shades of the basic color spectrum. The second deals with adjectives describing color and the possible “conditions” of color, that is, how it’s used. But … Continue reading

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What is an “Echo?” Tips To Axe These Repeat Offenders

By Sharla Rae One of the things we’ve discussed in our critique meetings is the tendency all writers have to repeat certain words and phrases. “Echoes” is a term I’ve heard applied to frequently repeated words. Read your chapter out … Continue reading

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Love at first line: Opening sentences that grab

It’s your first sentence. The opening line to your masterpiece. The words that will grab your reader and pull him into your world. They. Have. To. Be. Perfect. No pressure. We’re not here to give you a lesson in writing … Continue reading

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Jawing About Writing and Writing About Jaws

By Sharla Rae No, I’m not discussing sharks. We’re discussing the jawline, and writing facial descriptions and emotions. And …  I have another description list for you, too. Recently in her blog, When Writing Is A Full Body Workout, Orly … Continue reading

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