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Do You Know How To Edit AND Proofread Your Story?

by Jenny Hansen, @JennyHansenCA Editing and Proofreading: Two separate processes that equal one great story. Like most writers, I hang out with a boatload of other writers. Still, I never saw much of other peoples’ works in progress until I coordinated … Continue reading

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What is an “Echo?” Tips To Axe These Repeat Offenders

By Sharla Rae One of the things we’ve discussed in our critique meetings is the tendency all writers have to repeat certain words and phrases. “Echoes” is a term I’ve heard applied to frequently repeated words. Read your chapter out … Continue reading

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Embrace Your Red Pen

by Fae Rowen The joke in here at WITS is that I sit in my living room waiting for an editor to knock on my front door and ask, “Do you have a book I can buy?”  Yep, pretty passive.  … Continue reading

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Editing vs. Proofreading: Why This Matters To Your Manuscript

What separates the Amateurs from the Professionals? The ability to both Edit and Proofread. In novel writing, editing is King and proofreading is Queen.
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