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Write Fab Back Story: Not BS!

By Margie Lawson A huge THANK YOU to the amazing Laura Drake for inviting me to be her guest today! Don’t put BS on your pages! Write back story that is fresh and compelling. Readers need some back story. They … Continue reading

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A Field Mouse, A Crow, and A Writing Lesson

by Fae Rowen My living room deck is a lizard freeway. It serves as a form of kitty TV for my Siamese warrior cat. One afternoon this summer I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Since I’ve … Continue reading

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Becoming a Visceral Warrior!

By Margie Lawson and Tiffany Lawson Inman A big lovey Thank You to Laura Drake for inviting us back to WITS. Surprise! It’s a mother-daughter duo blog! What happens to characters when they are in a high emotion scene? They … Continue reading

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WriterStrong – Getting Fresh Emotion on the Page

Sometimes the most powerful description does not mention the emotion itself. The author trusts that the reader will get it. It’s like a scary movie; your mind conjures scarier things than the cameraman could ever show you. Try this in a black moment, or a key turning-point scene. It’s subtle, and can be powerful. Continue reading

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What’s the Visual? Adding Power To Your Writing.

Margie Lawson is back with another can’t miss blog! AND, a giveaway. Read on! Writers know SHOW DON’T TELL, but some know it cognitively. It’s rote. They know SHOW DON’T TELL the same way they know i before e except … Continue reading

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Stellar Writing Sells!

It’s been awhile but, sparing precious time away from her new granddaughter, Margie Lawson is back with us at Writers in the Storm. Laura Drake and Fae Rowen can testify to Margie’s talents as a writing teacher. Here’s another great … Continue reading

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3 Writer’s Commandments and the Importance of Avoiding the Dreaded “S” Word

by Jenny Hansen There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. ~W. Somerset Maugham Novel writing isn’t for sissies. I know we’ve talked about this before. I’ve even brought you people like Margie … Continue reading

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“Writerly” Thanks From Our Team Here at WITS

Today we’re each taking the opportunity to give thanks for one “writerly” thing that helps us put those words on the page. from Jenny Hansen: I am thankful for blogging. Particularly for More Cowbell, my personal blog. Not only does it give me … Continue reading

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Ax Your Cliches: Why and How

We couldn’t talk WriterStrong without our Yoda of Edits and sparkling prose, Margie Lawson. Be prepared for great takeaway as Margie not only tells you, but shows you how it’s done!  Here she is: A big THANK YOU to Laura … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Conferences

By Laura Drake I’m only beginning to come out of my post-conference fog, and to get my head around all the work I have to do! Before I jump into that though, I wanted to tell you what I learned … Continue reading

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