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The No-Stress Way To Create Your Story’s Logline

by Laura Drake @PBRWriter I love loglines. There’s no better feeling than pulling together words that capture the spirit of your book in a perfect, compelling way. I teach a submissions class for the Lawson Writer’s Academy and find that loglines … Continue reading

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Advanced Craft Tips – Writer Strong

By Laura Drake As I get better at craft, I’m beginning to catch the nuances of good writing; things beyond the basics of POV, show don’t tell, etc. They’re more subtle and harder to spot, but I believe they can … Continue reading

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Fearless Pitching – Part 1

By Laura Drake You all know me (Ms. 413 Rejections) so I’ll spare you the story. Just know that I have pitched a LOT in my life, and I’m here, fresh from teaching a Pitching class, smack in the middle … Continue reading

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WriterStrong – Getting Fresh Emotion on the Page

Sometimes the most powerful description does not mention the emotion itself. The author trusts that the reader will get it. It’s like a scary movie; your mind conjures scarier things than the cameraman could ever show you. Try this in a black moment, or a key turning-point scene. It’s subtle, and can be powerful. Continue reading

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How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – Without Freaking Out

By Laura Drake Sorry to have been absent awhile; I was finishing my last book under contract. Now, before I jump into the next one, I’ve vowed to take a break.  Not from writing – If I’m breathing, I’m writing. … Continue reading

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14 Posts You Loved ~ A Valentine’s Flashback and News!

You know Valentine’s Day is this week, right? Well we love you. And we love that you love us. So we’re posting links today to our most popular blog posts over the past three years, in case you missed any … Continue reading

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Other Obsessions

By Laura Drake If you’ve followed our blogs here at WITS very long, you’ve seen that there’s a lot more to us than the stories we write. We all have other interests; Sharla has her dolls, Fae has cats and … Continue reading

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