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Crossing Physical Barriers in Fiction, Part 1

by Tiffany Lawson Inman Hello and Happy December! I’ve kept my blog a little shorter today because I know you all are busy busy busy with festivities writing. *wink wink* My hubby is currently wondering when I will put the laptop … Continue reading

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Tips on Subtext ~ What Is It REALLY?

Thank-you to Shannon Donnelly for supplying a “handout” to a workshop I was looking forward to – SUBTEXT.  We are truly fortunately at Writers in the Storm to have Shannon as a contributing blogger the first Monday on every month. … Continue reading

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Ramp Up The Fight To Amp Up The Tension

by Jenny Hansen So you think you know how to fight dirty? Monday’s post explained the nuance of “clean fighting” and how to use it to your best advantage in your stories. Today, we’re gonna leave Mr. or Ms. Nicey-Nice … Continue reading

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13 Ways To Show (Rather than Tell) in Your Love Story

by Charlotte Carter When romance writers create a Happily-Ever-After tale, there has to be more to the relationship than simply LUST between the hero and heroine. As many a woman has discovered in real life, lust doesn’t last forever. (Shh, … Continue reading

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The Most Important Writing Lesson I Ever Learned

By Jenny Hansen Based on the title of this post, you might think I’m going to talk about plotting or character arcs or 3-Act structure… That’s a big fat “Nope!” to all three. There’s a lesson that comes before all … Continue reading

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There Is More To Writing Action Than Meets The Fist: Part 2

by Tiffany Lawson Inman I picked up Harlan Coben’s CAUGHT with the express knowledge that I would find a high intensity/high emotion scene to showcase for another Dramatic Dissection. Why did I think that?  Because of his prologue.  The beginning … Continue reading

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The Art of Writing Continuities

Charlotte Carter joins us today with some inside tips for writing continuity series.  I was thinking there would be spreadsheets and teeth-gnashing, but she makes it sound almost easy.  Almost. Anyway, for those of you who have an interest along … Continue reading

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Writing a Deeper Story

By Laura Drake ANNOUNCEMENT: Writers in the Storm is kicking off the summer with a series of guest blogs and we are so excited! First in our Summer Line-up is social media guru, Kristen Lamb. Not only is she the … Continue reading

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