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4 Pieces of Facebook Advice You Can Ignore

What to do? Facebook has changed – again. There’s more competition than ever for reader attention.

Writers are frustrated and it’s easy to understand why. How do you build a business when the goal posts for success keep moving? What’s the point?

Facebook is probably the slowest platform to build an audience on, and shooting yourself in the foot by listening to bad advice only makes it more difficult. Continue reading

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Do You Clean Up Your Twitter Account? (3 Easy Tips)

by Jenny Hansen If you know everything about Twitter, detest Twitter, or plan to never use it, you can probably skip this post. For the rest of you: This is one of the most easy-to-implement social media posts I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Crossing Physical Barriers in Fiction, Part 1

by Tiffany Lawson Inman Hello and Happy December! I’ve kept my blog a little shorter today because I know you all are busy busy busy with festivities writing. *wink wink* My hubby is currently wondering when I will put the laptop … Continue reading

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How to Support an Author’s New Book: 11 Ideas For You

By Chuck Sambuchino My Writer’s Digest coworker, Brian A. Klems, recently geared up for the release of his first book — a humorous guide for fathers called OH BOY, YOU’RE HAVING A GIRL: A DAD’S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO RAISING DAUGHTERS … Continue reading

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Our Month-End Gift To You: Promopalooza at WITS!!

We’re throwing open the comments at Writers In The Storm today for a little of what I like to call “Pimp and Promote.” How does this work? Here’s the rules for this Carnival of Comment Fun: I’m taking a page … Continue reading

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7 Tips For Finishing The First Draft

by Erika Marks First draft. Talk about two words that manage to strike both excitement and fear in the hearts of all of us who write, yes? After having published three books and now deep in the middle of my … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block: The Thought between the Music and the Motion

By Piper Bayard Everything I know about writing I learned from belly dancing. Yes, belly dancing. How can this be? Art is Creativity, channeled into a three-dimensional form. It is the same basic process regardless of the medium, so the … Continue reading

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10 Power Tips for Building a Great Critique Group

by Jenny Hansen My day job as a software trainer is about building the skills of my co-workers so they can do productive work. And you know what I noticed several years back? There’s TONS of similarity between my training life … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Literary Executor?

by Susan Spann Today the #PubLaw guest series takes a look at when you need a literary executor (or trustee) to administer the copyrights in your estate. The executor (in the case of a will) or successor trustee (in the … Continue reading

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The How and Why of Author Newsletters

by Steena Holmes In my last post, I talked about Street Teams and using my newsletter to connect with my readers. It raised a few questions about newsletters to which I replied “but that’s another blog.” The ladies at WITS … Continue reading

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