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Do You Clean Up Your Twitter Account? (3 Easy Tips)

by Jenny Hansen If you know everything about Twitter, detest Twitter, or plan to never use it, you can probably skip this post. For the rest of you: This is one of the most easy-to-implement social media posts I’ve ever … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I *Heart* Twitter (And Why You Should Too)

By Laura Drake This was the conversation at crit group last week… Me: So I was tweeting with Chicken on a Chain last night, and – Jenny: Chicken WHAT? Me: He’s a bull. Retired from the PBR, one of the … Continue reading

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White-Knuckling Your Author Platform: How to Rein in the Social Media Pressure

White-Knuckling Your Author Platform: How to Reign in the Social Media Pressure  by Roni Loren It’s no secret that writers are supposed to be building their online platform and brand from the get-go. You can find a bazillion posts on … Continue reading

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Are You Linked In?

by Jenny Hansen Everyone is talking about Social Media and I’ve got several friends scratching their heads going, “What does that even MEAN? And why do I need so many DIFFERENT KINDS??” There’s a simple answer to “why so many?” … Continue reading

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Writing Is Like Comfort Food

Composing a story is a lot like cooking. It blends emotion, story and character into a delicious tale that fills the belly of imagination and satisfies a reader’s tastes. The right combinations make gourmet delights. Continue reading

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How to Build Your Writing Team

I learned about the four character requirements of teamwork: openness, generosity, flexibility and patience. Of course I thought of how this applies to writing. Many writers feel that they are flying solo when nothing could be further than the truth. The process of getting a book published requires a massive amount of teamwork and every single one of the above qualities. Continue reading

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Twitter Phone Home – Call 40404

You don’t need internet or a cool app on your phone to use Twitter. You just need a phone plan that includes texting. Read on… Continue reading

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Why I Love the Hash…Tagging in Twitter

To hashtag or not to hashtag…that is the question. If you are new to Twitter, you might not understand that question yet. Listen up, all you non-taggers, because the amazing hashtag is going to help you get more out of Twitter. Continue reading

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How I Became a Twitter Freak in Less than a Week

By Jenny Hansen / @jhansenwrites (This is Part 1 in a series…click here for Part 2) If you’ve been reading my blogs lately you know that, like everyone else, I have too much to do in too little time. I’m … Continue reading

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