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4 Pieces of Facebook Advice You Can Ignore

What to do? Facebook has changed – again. There’s more competition than ever for reader attention.

Writers are frustrated and it’s easy to understand why. How do you build a business when the goal posts for success keep moving? What’s the point?

Facebook is probably the slowest platform to build an audience on, and shooting yourself in the foot by listening to bad advice only makes it more difficult. Continue reading

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Do You Clean Up Your Twitter Account? (3 Easy Tips)

by Jenny Hansen If you know everything about Twitter, detest Twitter, or plan to never use it, you can probably skip this post. For the rest of you: This is one of the most easy-to-implement social media posts I’ve ever … Continue reading

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5 Things Readers Want from Novelists on Social Media

Turning Whine into Gold: 5 things readers want from novelists on social media by Kathryn Craft You may not have a book out, but if you have expressed on Twitter or Facebook your hope to be a published author, you … Continue reading

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How to Write a Captivating Blog Title

And now, for the winner of last Friday’s THE TRICKY PART contest: Congratulations to Evelyn Berry, the winner of Laurie Schnebly Campbell‘s writing class. Evelyn, you can contact Laurie directly about your class. Today we welcome guest blogger Marcy Kennedy, … Continue reading

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WriterStrong: Why Is Your Hosting Company Integral To the Success of Your Website or Blog?

Last Fall we started the WriterStrong series to delve deeply into the strengths writers must have for strong careers. Social media and internet savvy is part of the job requirement for today’s authors.  Today’s post gets to the nitty-gritty on one important … Continue reading

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Writerly Links that Made Our Hearts Sing (Happy New Year!)

All of us at WITS try to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in the writing industry whether it’s craft related, inspiration or Industry related. To start the new year off right, we’re sharing some of our favorite websites, … Continue reading

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QR Codes ~ A Sexy Marketing Technique for Your Books

Scan this! by Jenny Hansen What happens when you hold your iPhone up and click that weird looking square on the left? You see these in magazines, at the grocery store, on clothing labels, and YES, in the back of … Continue reading

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8 Easy Ways To Grow Your Social Media Footprint

Photo by Elizabeth Cooper ~ WANA Commons by Jenny Hansen A while back, I attended a free two-hour seminar on social media provided by Constant Contact (my new BFF). While it’s true that I attended for my day job, writers are … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why I *Heart* Twitter (And Why You Should Too)

By Laura Drake This was the conversation at crit group last week… Me: So I was tweeting with Chicken on a Chain last night, and – Jenny: Chicken WHAT? Me: He’s a bull. Retired from the PBR, one of the … Continue reading

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10 Tips for a DIY Author Website

By Laura Drake I am NOT a techie. I don’t know software, I’m not a graphics designer. Heck I can’t even use a camera well! I’m an accountant. That translates to: I’m cheap. Too cheap to pay someone to build … Continue reading

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