Sensual Word Menu

By Sharla Rae

When I was supposed be writing my blog for today I was catching up on new favorite TV series, Game of Thrones. I thoroughly enjoyed the chopping off of heads, sex, creepy zombies of the North, sex, war, slaughtering of animal, and did I mention steamy sex?

There’s just one problem. Afterward, I ran to my computer to write a blog and came up empty. I stared at the blank screen waiting for inspiration. Visions of chopped heads, sex creepy zombies, and more sex danced through my head.

So while I NEVER share my word menus with anyone but my crit partners, I was inspired to do so now. Enjoy my Sensual Word Menu.

Verbs or words that may work as verbs in some form are starred *

What do you do to ramp up the sexy in your writing? Do you have songs you listen to, books you read, words you refer to?

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21 Responses to Sensual Word Menu

  1. Macy Beckett says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW! Who needs a dictionary or a thesaurus (which often don’t really help anyway) when I can use this! Thank you for sharing this with us, Sharla.

  3. DeAnn says:

    I love your list. This is one I plan to visit as often as possible.
    I plan link my list blog to this one.

  4. First, I want to watch what you watch! Great list, and thanks for sharing.

  5. kymlucas says:

    Love this! Thank you very much!

  6. I like colors and textures for sensuality.
    I don’t do music. I will reread one of my favorite sensual books sometimes.
    I do love your list– quite extensive!
    Cheers, Kelly

    • Finally, someone else who doesn’t do music with writing. Music is okay but when I’m writing, it’s distracting. In the quiet I can disappear into my story. Shar

  7. Yippie! Trapped blank-stared drooling at my keyboard, I suddenly feel like writing. Thanks for snapping me out of it! -Kara

  8. Marsha R. West says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sharla. This is a great list. Marsha

  9. What a terrific list of words!! Thank you ;).
    And music is one of my favorite ways to be inspired to write scenes — sexy or otherwise!

  10. Anne Marie says:

    Great list! I’ve been meaning to start something like this — seeing it here shows what a great tool it would be just to “get in the mood” to write. 😉

  11. Terry Odell says:

    I have a specific playlist for writing. Since it’s familiar, it evokes mood, but doesn’t distract me.
    Like your word list — and I see “moment” is on it, but it probably shouldn’t show up 267 times in a manuscript.

    Terry’s Place

  12. Varina says:

    Hi, Char. This post drew me over, when you advertised it on the DR list. I play music when I want to work on love scenes. Unfortunately I couldn’t read your sensual list, because it was a gif file, and I can only read text, can’t see pictures. Help! Thanks.

  13. To create the mood I need to write sexual tension on up to love scenes, I settle myself inside the body of my characters. Music is distracting. So is having people around (could never write steam sex at Starbucks). Great list! and thanks for sharing. I agree with an earlier commenter — better than aThesaurus.

  14. Wow, this is intense! Thank you so much. It will come in quite handy as I’m editing my manuscript. 🙂

    ❤ Gina Blechman

  15. Great list. I hope you don’t mind if I refer to it from time to time. I have a male co-author and the things he writes out would get us would get us in so much trouble. I have to be the filter and he doesn’t always like what I put but he knows that I’m right. (smile)

    I like quiet when I’m writing/editing so I can visualize the scene or more like filter out his scene for a less graphic one.

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