Orly Konig-Lopez

Writing women’s fiction with a pinch of humor

OKL-1After years of pushing the creativity boundary in corporate communications, I decided it was time for a new challenge. Three women’s fiction manuscripts later (plus a handful of picture books), I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found my creative outlet.

My manuscripts have finalled in the Wisconsin Romance Writers Fab Five Contest, the TARA contest, Stiletto Contest, First Coast Romance Writers Unpublished Beacon Contest, Novel Rocket Launch Pad contest, the Spacecoast Authors of Romance Launching a Star Contest, and the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America’s Emerald City Opener Contest.

I’m currently querying my most recent manuscript, THE DAY THE MERRY-GO-ROUND STOPPED.

When I’m not talking to my imaginary friends, I’m reading or at least trying to ignore everyone around me long enough to finish “just one more paragraph.” I crochet scarves to unwind and since I drink entirely too much coffee, there are a lot of scarves piling up (anyone need a scarf?). And when I’m stuck on a scene or in need of an attitude adjustment, I get on my spin bike (at least when it’s stationary I can think about the scene and not worry about becoming a hood ornament).

You can find me on Twitter – @OrlyKonigLopez
And on my website – www.orlykoniglopez.com

And since I’m armpit deep in the querying phase, it seems appropriate to take Fae on in the latest WITS Throwdown: Query Strategy-Narrow Focus vs Scattergun? Read Fae’s approach then tune in on Wednesday when I attempt to explain mine.

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  1. So unusual to see a Saturday post on WITS and delighted to know more about your writing journey, Orly. Look forward to your post Wednesday 🙂

  2. Judy Millar says:

    Nice to see another former corporate communicator exploring new (and humorous) directions, Orly. Congratulations on your success so far! Spin bikes are great. I created a “bike desk” (with my husband’s help) so I could multitask without ending up as a hood ornament. There’s a photo on my Jan. 7 blog post if you’re interested. 🙂

    • Oh I’ll go check it out. Great idea. I know a lot of people who do the treadmill desks. For me, though, getting on the bike or walk/run is my time to think. I don’t want to stare at the computer screen for that time, I want my brain to go wherever it needs to and that’s usually when I can sort through problem spots or just pretend like I’m riding through a gorgeous sunflower field in the French countryside. 🙂

  3. zannyro says:

    You’ve inspired me to find a quiet spot and write a bit today..THANKS!!!!

  4. heehee, my fam would totally relate to the “just one more paragraph” thing because I utter that phrase almost as often as “Hold on just a sec, for realz… I’m on the last sentence…” They know by now that even if I THINK I mean those things, it’s never the way it plays out.

    I like listening to audio books as I walk / jog. Otherwise I’d never convince myself to get any sort of exercise. I’m pretty lame.

    • Nothing lame about that … I can always convince myself that the project I’m working on is so important that I can’t possibly take even 30 minutes for a quick walk. That’s lame! 🙂

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  7. Wow, those are awesome contest credits! Congratulations and good luck with the query. Gotta go now, my friend Heather Rubinski, a Las Vegas showgirl, wants me to get back to work. Of course, I’m the only one who can hear her . . .

    I don’t crochet, I putter with my cars. Wash, wax, repeat till it’s time to go back to the keyboard.


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