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Point of View: Choosing Whose Head To Be In

by Sharla Rae The first thing writers learn about Point of View, or POV, is that it refers to whose head we’re in. In other words: through whose perspective will the reader experience the sounds, smells, actions and emotions of a … Continue reading

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Put Your Reader in Your POV Character’s Skin ~ by Margie Lawson

This will be the only post here at Writers in the Storm until next Monday. We’re leaving for the RWA 2012 Conference in Anaheim tomorrow. BUT we’ll be tweeting and Facebooking during the conference so those of you who aren’t able … Continue reading

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#Women Are From Venus, Men Are Annoying — A Guest Post

By Rob Preece While sitting at an autographing at the Romantic Times Convention several years ago, a woman hurried up to my table. I gave her my best “I’m-safe” smile. The signing hadn’t gone well so far—could I be on … Continue reading

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