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The Evolution of the Modern Writing Dream (part 2)

This week on WITS we’re looking at how the changing times in publishing are affecting the publishing dream. On Monday, aspiring author Orly Konig-Lopez shared her dream, today you’ll hear from debut author Laura Drake and on Friday, multi-published Marilyn Brant … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Modern Writing Dream (part 1)

Ask an author why they write and you’ll get some variation of “to tell a story.” For most of us it started with the wonder of leafing through books picked up at a library or bookstore. We fantasize about the … Continue reading

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WriterStrong – Getting Fresh Emotion on the Page

Sometimes the most powerful description does not mention the emotion itself. The author trusts that the reader will get it. It’s like a scary movie; your mind conjures scarier things than the cameraman could ever show you. Try this in a black moment, or a key turning-point scene. It’s subtle, and can be powerful. Continue reading

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How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – Without Freaking Out

By Laura Drake Sorry to have been absent awhile; I was finishing my last book under contract. Now, before I jump into the next one, I’ve vowed to take a break.  Not from writing – If I’m breathing, I’m writing. … Continue reading

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Love at first line: Opening sentences that grab

It’s your first sentence. The opening line to your masterpiece. The words that will grab your reader and pull him into your world. They. Have. To. Be. Perfect. No pressure. We’re not here to give you a lesson in writing … Continue reading

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Stellar Writing Sells!

It’s been awhile but, sparing precious time away from her new granddaughter, Margie Lawson is back with us at Writers in the Storm. Laura Drake and Fae Rowen can testify to Margie’s talents as a writing teacher. Here’s another great … Continue reading

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3 Writing Lessons Learned from a Robotic Vacuum

By Laura Drake About ten years ago, I had back surgery. After I healed, I went back to Domestic Goddess duties, but found I couldn’t vacuum anymore. Something about the pushing and pulling killed my back. So I informed Alpha … Continue reading

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14 Posts You Loved ~ A Valentine’s Flashback and News!

You know Valentine’s Day is this week, right? Well we love you. And we love that you love us. So we’re posting links today to our most popular blog posts over the past three years, in case you missed any … Continue reading

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Tracking Time in Your Novel

By Laura Drake It seems I’m always confessing in my blogs. I’m not sure I want to know what that says about me, but I know wherever my mother is, she’s proud that she had some influence. But that is, … Continue reading

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What Is Your Goal as a Writer?

By Laura Drake I’m not talking about getting published, or seeing your book on a shelf. Think back to when you first entertained the notion of putting the story in your head onto paper (or in pixels.) What did you … Continue reading

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