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Book signings Aren’t Dead

By Laura Drake I’ll say it right up front – I’m a promo-ho.  Hey, successful authorship nowadays all about discoverability and I’m not afraid to  fall on my face to get my name out there. I wrote and sold a … Continue reading

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The Two Sentence Horror Story Challenge!

I don’t remember where I first found reference to this writers challenge, but I was intrigued. Writing a horror story in two sentences? How could someone DO that? Well, it’s not only possible, the results are amazing! Go read these … Continue reading

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Writing In Living Color And Two New Lists

By Sharla Rae I’m sharing not one list today, but two. The first one covers shades of the basic color spectrum. The second deals with adjectives describing color and the possible “conditions” of color, that is, how it’s used. But … Continue reading

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Does an Extroverted Writer Have the Advantage? Maybe Not

By Laura Drake I’ve read a lot of blogs lately about introverted writers, whining  pointing out how hard it is for them, nowadays. There are probably more introverted authors than extroverts. After all, it’s darned near a cliché – the … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Spark Your Writing with “Golden Lines”

by Fae Rowen On the plane home from Atlanta in July, I re-read my notes and handouts, highlighting tips that resonated with me as I prepared for a major edit on my WIP. When I participated in the UC Irvine … Continue reading

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A Bow To Our Readers: Share Your Writing!

By Laura Drake We love seeing what our readers are up to – so here’s your chance!  This month, I’m thinking about middles, since I’m near the middle of my WIP, and worrying about sagging (and for once, it’s not … Continue reading

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Writing and Lovin’ It

By Laura Drake It sometimes seems that everything around us is negative: coworkers complain, kids whine, and don’t get me started on politics or the news. I think social media magnifies this. Hop onto Twitter and look right now – … Continue reading

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Fearless Pitching – Part 2

Laura Drake is back for the second segment of Fearless Pitching! If you missed the first post, click here. Before we get on to THE day, a bit of philosophy to remember when you look in the mirror that morning: … Continue reading

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Fearless Pitching – Part 1

By Laura Drake You all know me (Ms. 413 Rejections) so I’ll spare you the story. Just know that I have pitched a LOT in my life, and I’m here, fresh from teaching a Pitching class, smack in the middle … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Modern Writing Dream (part 3)

This week we’ve been focusing on how the changing times in publishing are affecting the publishing dream. On Monday, aspiring author Orly Konig-Lopez shared her dream, Wednesday debut author Laura Drake talked about her evolving dream, and today, multi-published Marilyn Brant … Continue reading

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