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A How-to series of blogs on how to publish on Amazon

Publishing Naked

When I read today’s guest blog, the first question I had for Denise was why she and Monica would team up to write a book. When she sent me their bios, it not only made it clear, but made me … Continue reading

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A Fourth of July Mash Up!

I didn’t realize it had been so long since we’ve had a mash-up — we had a ton of links for you!  I’ve tried to organize them into categories, but it was like herding cats!  Have a wonderful Holiday for … Continue reading

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Copyright, ISBN, Royalty & Pricing With Amazon E-Publishing

When I started looking into publishing with Amazon, my biggest questions were how to format my book, create a cover image and upload everything. However, there were also legal and financial matters to consider.

Here are several frequently asked questions with answers obtained from Amazon’s KDP Guidelines and Community. Continue reading

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Get Your E-Book Noticed: Presentation, Promotion & Patience

By Lyn Horner A new Kindle author recently visited my home page and asked me for tips on what to do next. I’m flattered by his request and more than happy to share what I’ve learned since publishing my … Continue reading

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Embedding The Book Cover & Uploading

By Lyn Horner There’s a hard way and an easy way to embed a book cover image. I chose the hard way. Please bear with me as I explain that method, because I want you to know what not to … Continue reading

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Creating A Book Cover

Lyn Horner A cover image is mandatory for a Kindle book. The Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines state, “The preferred format for the cover is a JPEG image of 600 x 800 pixels. Covers with less than 500 pixels on the … Continue reading

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Formatting Your Text For Kindle – Revised

By Lyn Horner I warned you I’m a newbie at this and you would be learning along with me. Well, I’ve learned a few things since originally publishing this post. Please note the revisions and additions. Formatting your text for … Continue reading

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Kindlegen and the Kindle Previewer

By Lyn Horner In my last blog I said I would next talk about book covers, but I’ve changed my mind. It occurred to me that I first need to explain the uses of Kindlegen and the Kindle Previewer, because … Continue reading

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Publishing With Amazon – Getting Started

By Lyn Horner Howdy, Y’all. My handle is Lyn Horner. I’m a friend of Sharla Rae’s. We used to belong to a critique group here in Fort Worth, where I hang my hat — until Ms. Sharla picked up stakes … Continue reading

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