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From The Safari Jounal of Fae Rowen Part 4

The Animals By Fae Rowen The professional photographers traveling with me were horrified that I’d purchased my new camera from Amazon and only took it out of the box to put it in my carry-on for the trip from the … Continue reading

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From the Safari Journal of Fae Rowen – Part 3

Everyone goes on safari for the animals. And they are fantastic. I saw more animals than I ever imagined. Animals I didn’t know existed. Did you know there are three different kinds of giraffes? The only way to tell their gender is by the knobs on their head? You can’t miss the male baboons. Beautiful turquoise-blue family jewels. Also, there are black rhinos and white rhinos, but you can’t tell by the color of their hide. You have to look at the mouth.

Yep, I got close enough to do that. Continue reading

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From the Safari Journal of Fae Rowen – Part 2

Part 2 in a series. Click here for Part 1. Luxury Tented Camps All my childhood vacations were tent camping and I looked forward to the excitement of outdoor living for a week.  The summer before my senior year I … Continue reading

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Fae Rowen’s Past and Future…Travels

My first airplane ride was to Tahiti for my honeymoon.  I had a good leash on my nervousness because every time I looked out the window I saw I little blinking red coastal light.  After a couple of hours my … Continue reading

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Fae Rowen

Fae Rowen discovered the romance genre after years as a sci fi freak.   Writing futuristics and medieval paranormals, she jokes that she can live anywhere but the present.  As a mathematician, she knows it’s a lot more fun to define … Continue reading

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Writing Contests — Hell or Heaven?

by Fae Rowen I don’t usually enter contests, but I decided to go all out this year. During the past two months I’ve redefined my understanding of the experience from both the judging and entrant viewpoints. I hope this post … Continue reading

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Skimming: Never a Good Thing

by Fae Rowen Skimming is defined as a crime. If you skim money from your job, you’re going to jail. (Or worse depending who you work for.) Skimming is also defined as removing floating matter from a liquid. Can you … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got to Do with It-Part Three

  by Fae Rowen If you missed Part One or Part Two in this series on developing a character arc through believable backstory, no problem. Click on the part you missed to get caught up. Do you have a character … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got to Do with It? – Part Two

by Fae Rowen This post isn’t just for romance writers. As a genre fiction writer you know that to be drawn into your story, your readers have to care about your characters. This is true of all genres-women’s fiction, historical, mystery, … Continue reading

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Is Fear Freezing Up Your Creativity?

by Jenny Hansen “There isn’t any secret. You sit down and you start and that’s it.” ~ Elmore Leonard Last month, I took a course with Margie Lawson called Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors, which I would recommend to anyone. Margie might … Continue reading

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