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Jawing About Writing and Writing About Jaws

By Sharla Rae No, I’m not discussing sharks. We’re discussing the jawline, and writing facial descriptions and emotions. And …  I have another description list for you, too. Recently in her blog, When Writing Is A Full Body Workout, Orly … Continue reading

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WriterStrong: Why Is Your Hosting Company Integral To the Success of Your Website or Blog?

Last Fall we started the WriterStrong series to delve deeply into the strengths writers must have for strong careers. Social media and internet savvy is part of the job requirement for today’s authors.  Today’s post gets to the nitty-gritty on one important … Continue reading

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3 Writer’s Commandments and the Importance of Avoiding the Dreaded “S” Word

by Jenny Hansen There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. ~W. Somerset Maugham Novel writing isn’t for sissies. I know we’ve talked about this before. I’ve even brought you people like Margie … Continue reading

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A Spring Thank You from WITS: Promo Made Easy…

by Jenny Hansen As the March blog mistress here at WITS, I’m taking a page out of my personal blog‘s playbook and marking the beginning of Spring with a celebration of you. You’re going to get the chance to come … Continue reading

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Taking the Guesswork out of Writing a Traditional Mystery: 9 Common Problems (and Solutions!)

Writers In The Storm is delighted to welcome back Elizabeth Craig, one of the most giving writers we know. She released her latest Southern Quilting Mystery last month and stopped by WITS to help the rest of us take some of the guesswork … Continue reading

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When Writing Is A Full Body Workout…

by Orly Konig-Lopez The other day my husband stayed home and was working on the couch so I decided to work at the kitchen table to be close. (Cue the “Awwww“… okay, are we done?) So here I am, typing away, … Continue reading

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Point of View: Choosing Whose Head To Be In

by Sharla Rae The first thing writers learn about Point of View, or POV, is that it refers to whose head we’re in. In other words: through whose perspective will the reader experience the sounds, smells, actions and emotions of a … Continue reading

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