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Many of you who follow Writers In The Storm have been wondering…where the heck is Fae Rowen?

Our pal, Fae, has been traipsing through the wilds of Africa, dodging animal scat and monkey pee. In her April blog series, she’s going to tell us about her travels every weekend.  Stay tuned!

From the Safari Journal of Fae Rowen… 

Lions looking over the menu


East Africa is an amazing place.  I expected to see animals.  And I did.  Lots of them.  It’s the ones you don’t see that take your breath away, though.

In the evening of my first day in Tanzania, our small group arrived at a tented camp on the bank of a lake.  After settling my luggage into my luxury tent—with an outdoor shower, fully enclosed by a two-meter wall—I walked to the dining tent. 

After dinner we were told we needed an escort to our tents, since it was dark and there was no lighting.  I said I was pretty sure I could find my tent and was told my askari, read Masai Warrior, would protect me from the animals.  Oops. 

As I followed my spear-carrying protector on the long walk to my tent, I asked him, “Have you ever had to use that spear to protect a guest?” 

“Oh, yes.” 


“Yesterday morning.”

I concentrated on the unlit path until curiosity got the best of me.  “What kind of animal?”


“I can walk faster.”  And I did.

More from the safari journal soon,


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6 Responses to From The Safari Journal

  1. Love this. I traveled on Safari (oh, my 5 years ago) — it’s amazing.

  2. Barbara DeLong says:

    Wow! You are living my dream! One day I shall walk in the footsteps of a Masai warrior! I’m looking forward to further posts with bated breath.

    • Yes, Stacy. Little did I know that this bucket list trip would convince me that the heart of the planet is in Africa. I am so grateful to be able to share my experiences. You know what they say about a safari, you get bitten by the Africa “bug” and must return. Never thought that would happen to me, but. . .


  3. Judy says:

    LOL!! What an adventure! Thanks for sharing it!

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