Book Reviews At Writers In The Storm

By Sharla Rae

Writers are nothing if not avid readers. Great reads lured us into this business and there’s nothing we like more than a well crafted story with great characterization, a plot that surprises, and an honest tug on our emotions. We also read and employ great nonfiction offerings as tools to hone our craft: writing how-tos, professional goal setting, research books etc.

At critique meetings we’re always sharing these gems with each other so we decided to share them with our readers too. We’ll discuss things like what made a paricular story memorable and what jewels of knowledge we glenned from a nonfiction?

Our reviews will not rate books like many dedicated book-review web sites. We’ll simply tell our readers why we found them noteworthy. No bashing here. However, if you’ve read some of the books we discuss and would like to comment, please do. It makes for great discussions we can all enjoy.

Stay tuned…

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