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Laura Drake

Yes, we’re writers, but we’re readers first.  Part of the reason I wanted to write was to give others the transporting experience I’ve had, reading a wonderful book, and ‘waking up’ hours later, unaware of my surroundings.  Or consciously slowing down, toward the end of a book, just so I won’t be done.  Yes, I can reread it, but I’ll never again experience it for the first time.

So I started thinking . . . If I were stuck on a deserted island, all alone, what books would I want with me?

I don’t mean survivalist literature – I’m talking, ‘keep me sane while I’m waiting for the cavalry to show up’ books.   I chose an arbitrary limit of 10, then tried to decide.  The first couple were easy – they popped right into my head.

  • Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand
  • The Stand – Stephen King
  • A Gift Upon the Shore – M.K. Wren   (if you’re a writer, you should read this dystopian novel-what would happen to the books if the world crumbled?)
  • Malevil – Robert Merle     Okay, shoot me, I love end of the world scenarios.

But after that it got tougher.

  • Timeline – Michael Crichton
  • King’s Oak – Ann Rivers Siddons
  • Any of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon
  • Most anything by Barbara Samuels / Barbara O’Neal
  • Violin – Ann Rice  Or The Feast of All Saints –  I can’t decide
  • South of Broad – or anything by Pat Conroy.  Maybe if I were lucky, he’d have a new one out I hadn’t yet read….

See how I got flaky at the end?  Too many good books!!!

What are your Deserted Island Books?  I’d love to hear about them.


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3 Responses to Deserted Island Books

  1. Gosh, this is harder than it sounds…

    Gone With the Wind – Margaret Mitchell
    The Quickie – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
    Hollywood Wives – Jackie Collins
    Stephanie Plum books – Janet Evanovich
    The Perfect Husband – Lisa Gardner
    The Onion Field – Joseph Wambaugh
    “Hollywood Books” – Joseph Wambaugh
    Dream Man – Linda Howard

    I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch of my favorite books 😦

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