D. A. Watt

D. A. Watt would love to write a nice love story about two people falling hopelessly in love, but her subversive New York cynicism has a bad habit of creating havoc for her protagonists, who could do without the thriller part. 

“I have kept a never-ending journal since I was eight, and became a hardcore reader after uncovering a box of steamy spy novels hidden in family’s basement. My writing journey began with plays, short stories, and songs. I wrote and sang, “I wish I could fly in the sky like a bird in the air, fly over here, fly over there….” to my fifth grade class while jumping off their desks, demonstrating my lack of wings, voice and composition, much to the amusement of my classmates.” 

Deb is still married even after raising four children, who still need mothering. She has worked in the publishing industry, and is presently teaching high school biology. She is passionate about God, family, friends, and the natural world, and also about writing, riding, reading, and running out of time to do it all. And she still wishes she could fly. Though she has published several non-fiction pieces, and completed several children’s books, short stories, poems, and two novels, the suspense of writing a best seller is killing her…. Will she do it? MTK (more to come, an old editor’s trick).

Her nearly completed, “The Suitcase,” a romantic thriller, reflects the current headlines in an ever changing America. From Havana to Gitmo to a school for wayward teens, an unlikely hero fights to save the American dream from those intending to destroy her. In the process, he’s labeled certifiable when he tries to convince the school’s captivating therapist that she’s enabling a terrorist plot. And if all this weren’t enough, they both find themselves up against the worst disaster of all, falling in love.

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  1. Krsiti says:

    Hey DA WATT!
    How’s your writing coming?? I’m waiting for your book…I need some new reading material!!!! What’s the hold up??

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