Hello world!

We are a group of  pro and published genre writers who critique and polish our work for submission.   In the process we’ve discovered the benefits of the unique perspectives and strengths we bring to the table.

There’s  more to life than writing, but sometimes life can be the richest story of all.   

We chose Writers in the Storm as the name of this blogsite because every writer must weather the storm within –  of self doubt, rejection, deadlines, and balancing our writing passion with everyday life.  Not to mention the storm raging outside – the paradigm shift in the publishing industry.

One of us will be posting every week, and as we warm our blogging muscles, we’ll have even more to say.

Subjects will range from our writing processes and critique techniques to fun things we do to relax – like knitting, doll collecting, motorcycling, crafting handmade cards, surviving motherhood, healthy living tips, our trips and travels.  We’ll also be dishing in This Week at Critique Group. . . 

 Let us know your interests.  We invite you to stop by again soon.

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